sekmadienis, birželio 10, 2007

International Summer School of Photography 2007

Gavome pranešimą apie ISSP 2007, neversime informacijos į lietuvių kalbą, cituojame informaciją:
"We are pleased to announce that, following the success of ISSP 2006, theInternational Summer School of Photography 2007 (ISSP) shall for thesecond time take place in Ludza, Latvia from August 4 to 12, 2007. Thegoals of the ISSP are to educate young photographers, expanding anddeepening their perception of the genre. The ISSP and follow-up activitiesare seen as important contribution to building a platform for creativedialogue among the young photographers in Latvia and internationally.50 students from Latvia and neighbouring European countries will workunder a guidance of 5 professional photographers and teachers fromGermany, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, and Latvia to broaden the perceptionof the art of photography and produce an open exhibition in the end of theworkshops. We invite all interested people fulfilling the generalrequirements to send in their applications till 20 June, 2007. The result sof the selection process will be communicated by the beginning of July. To find out more about the ISSP and download the application form,"
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